2011 predictions…
Since everyone is making predictions for 2011, I decided to jump in this yearly bandwagon myself… So, with limited liability and not too much analysis, these are my predictions for 2011 when it comes to technology and the cloud market.
  • Private clouds will remain in the literature and continue to pop into existence and actually serve a purpose, despite the pushback by some “experts” in the field, while in the public cloud domain, apart from the runaway market leaders, we may start seeing some “secondary” winners as well. Expect a good number of acquisitions in platform and software cloud offerings as well, as the battle for niche markets is to continue in a frenzy and bigger companies consolidating sectors or preparing comprehensive offerings.

  • We should see even more interest in mobile devices, sensors, and the edge of the networks for integration, business productivity, and data source exploitation purposes. Further, and slightly related, many more companies will try their luck in some corner of the healthcare domain which is going to attract even more interest as time goes by.

  • Even more uptake but crucially, better exploitation of social media for companies, mostly for branding and advertising, but also tapping on on feedback loops and for improving customer relations as well.

  • Unfortunately, Vivek Kundra struggling to upgrade and update the ageing and fragmented US Government infrastructure. The vision and the plan are good, but implementation is exceptionally difficult…

  • A debatable one, but I think there will still be no widely adopted industry-derived Cloud standards, despite efforts by DMTF, NIST, OASIS, CSA and I don’t know who else. We will probably see a draft or two, but final mature versions, let alone standard-driven implementations will not probably arrive in 2011. That said, OGF has released the community driven Open Cloud Computing Interface specification, and there is now a good number of implementations. However, every major vendor (and hence the vast majority of customers) are waiting for the aforementioned efforts to produce something…
One of my colleagues has also suggested that this is the year that Javascript will start to invade and make a stronghold in the server side domain as well.

We’ll revisit in a year’s time and see what has happened..
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serverside javascript is happening already, see http://nodejs.org/.
This colleague of yours seems to be out of date !!
I think this colleague of mine may have mentioned the word “domination” ;-)
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