Leveraging social networks

As Forrester is saying, US consumers tend to use social networks to describe and vent their frustration when it comes to poor customer service experience.

This of course is not new, and lends more weight to the approach some companies are taking, in trying to utilize social networks for their benefit. Primarily, the big impact may not necessarily come exploiting such social networks in the form were designed to be used (e.g. status updates, company internal communication, interactions with customers, etc.) although this is already happening and customer services may well interact with their frustrated (or otherwise) customers in this way.

Instead, significant emphasis will/should be placed on aggregating all relevant information from social channels, analysing and understanding the customers’ complaints and comments, and then reacting in a timely manner to address them. E.g. the release of new products more often than not generates quite some buzz and useful feedback that may get lost in the social network chaos. Learning how to tap into this wealth of information may prove decisive.

To keep competing at the edge, companies will soon realize they have to leverage all social and internet tools at their disposal, and social communication channels should become a vital weapon in their arsenal -question is: when will we start seeing this in a systemic manner and at a larger scale?