Brief weekend break to Berlin to see Parov Stelar live last Friday (19th October) at Collumbiahalle. We looked a bit outsiders since we did not constantly carry a bottle of beer in our hands, but other than that great gig, very entertaining show.Get a glimpse of it below with “Matilda” and “Jimmy’s Gang”.

Fellow Greeks, we’re not doing very well lately, are we? What with owing to everyone that ever had a dollar of investable capital, the austerity measures, the unemployment, the ubiquitous corruption, and of course the loss to Germany in the Euro 2012 quarter finals. Yes, we’ve had better times in the past -I remember reading about some Pericleus dude in Ancient Athens…

I loved this one from the Canadian Dragon’s Den. A guy walks in trying to get a $2.5 million investment for 25% of his company (thus valuing his company at $10 million). He got kicked out and rightly so. In fact I think they should have called the police and arrest him for fraud. Because his company sells… water! As a cure for every single ailment in existence. Yes, including cancer.

“Fear” as performed by Project Pitchfork last night in Islington Academy.

Amongst a very large number of apparent “designs” in nature that certainly won’t compete for any efficiency awards, the laryngeal nerve of many mammals is a magnificent piece of bad engineering. The extreme case of a giraffe is discussed in this video by Richard Dawkins -and would make a great souvenir for Michael Behe‘s living room.

Thirty seconds of free falling were probably enough to justify the high price of tandem skydiving! The moment you leave the aircraft the brain gets confused, heart goes berzerk, senses absorb everything. Unique experience!

Can science answer questions about morality, what is good or bad, or how we perceive good and bad? See Sam Harris, the author of “The End of Faith” and “Letter to a Christian Nation“, discussing his views on this TED talk.

This one has stuck in my mind lately; it’s the 1993 classic from Slowdive, the ultimate representative of beautiful shoegaze, “When the sun hits“. And the challenge question is: which hit song from early nineties does the chorus resemble? And it’s a cunning resemblance too!