You may or may not have already heard about the recent study published in the “Food and Chemical Toxicology” journal, linking genetically modified (GM) maize with aggressive tumour formation and premature death.

No, it’s not actually the case as it was reported in such influential and accurate media as the Daily Mail and the Daily Telegraph. However, a new study showed increased levels of polyunsaturated fatty acids, linked to benefits in human health, pushing the balance slightly (only slightly as we will see) towards consuming organic milk with some tangible excuses behind.

The Guardian, has an online column called “Comment is Free” where The Guardian, The Observer, and about 600 writers contribute with posts on religion, current affairs, politics, science, and health. Unavoidably, along with thought provoking “comments” you also get “bullshit” -as Penn and Teller would so vividly say.

A much anticipated report from the largest such study in its field, the INTERPHONE analysis provided too much ammunition for the shock-title hungry newspapers to resist…

This is getting a bit repetitive but further evidence on the complete absence of any link between the MMR vaccine and autism have been presented in a Polish study lead by Dr. Dorota Mrozek-Budzyn

Story comes from BBC, “Pigs offer new stem cell source”, and is based on research done by a Chinese team at the Shanghai Institute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, led by Dr Lei Xiao, and published at the Journal of Molecular Biology

Since this is the World Homeopathy Awareness Week, I might be spending more time on this particular well of credulity. I will also re-post my piece from last year’s week. But today, I’ll be talking about Melanie Grimes, a homeopath who writes for HealthNews as a health “expert”. The irony though is painful -you will soon see that if “expert” was to be used in the same sentence as Melanie, then that would be: “Melanie Grimes is the exact opposite of a health expert“. So let’s start the fun, shall we?

More bad news for drinkers -and this time it’s even for low to moderate drinkers! Even small quantities of alcohol consumed each day are significantly associated with an increased risk in cancer development, and may contribute up to 13% of the cancer incidents in Britain!