Ken Ham is this very gifted guy, the leader of Answers in Genesis, an organization that promotes open thinking and science-based methodologies. Ken has recently made some fresh, highly intelligent and accurate comments. [/sarcasm]

Last night I was watching a debate between Christopher Hitchens and Frank Turek, on the question: “What best explains reality: theism or atheism?“. I could not help but notice that the same arguments were presented yet again by some religious apologist. Nevertheless, some of them I found interesting not in their argumentative prowess, but in that while they seem intuitively wrong, sometimes I am hard pressed to express my opinion on the subject. Therefore, I am writing this post mostly to document my thoughts, and hope to generate some discussion or provoke some thinking in my numerous (three to be precise) audience.

I am looking forward to the Pope’s visit in the UK in September. His holiness, with his unbounded wisdom, will enlighten us with his views, or rather his Gods views since he is his representative, on morality. Of course, his holiness is the most suitable person to discuss morality since he is a man of God and well, this is where they have their expertise!

So the Church of England has “decided” that science and religion are apparently compatible (a vague, loosely defined word in this context, but nevermind…) at a general synod in London. Schizophrenia!

Yesterday, I was shocked to hear such comments from the Pope, a well known bastion of equality, supporter of human rights, and devoted to promoting tolerance towards every human being -having been created after all by God himself in his image.

Funny species, those Intelligent Design proponents (aka IDiots) are. They keep repeating the same vacuous arguments (well, not even arguments really, more like delusions) until they manage to convince themselves. Take for example this award winning quote from Casey Luskin.

God’s gloriously perfect creation (except for the deliberate setup for failure and the presence of a supposedly evil serpent) was all wrecked because Adam chose to disobey God, choosing instead to listen to his only companion in the world and eat a bit of fruit.

Lately, many Catholic Christians (“journalists” or simple bloggers) have declared that: “science proves pope was right about condoms“… I find the use (or better, misuse) of the rules of logic by those people baffling. I also find the gross misdirection away from the actual problem with such statements baffling. Let me explain. Here are the facts of the case.