Yay! Today the British Chiropractic Association (BCA) dropped their libel case against Simon Singh after two whole years! A turning point was when a couple of weeks ago three of the most senior judges in England upheld Simon’s appeal thus allowing him to defend his article much more easily.

Every rational member of the scientific, medical, and (proper) journalist community was quite happy (and relieved) today when news broke out that Simon Singh’s appeal was upheld today by three of the most senior judges in England!

Yesterday, I was shocked to hear such comments from the Pope, a well known bastion of equality, supporter of human rights, and devoted to promoting tolerance towards every human being -having been created after all by God himself in his image.

Funny species, those Intelligent Design proponents (aka IDiots) are. They keep repeating the same vacuous arguments (well, not even arguments really, more like delusions) until they manage to convince themselves. Take for example this award winning quote from Casey Luskin.

Following the recent elections in Greece, where the socialist party went back to power after a 7 year rule of the centre-right conservatists, the time had come for the newly elected members of the parliament to take their oaths. In this regard, the new parliamentary team of Syriza, a left-wing liberal party, decided not to take the Christian Orthodox oath, citing the freedom of religion passages in the Greek constitution.

A magnificent quote from Michael Nugent, of Atheist Ireland, while discussing the ridiculousness of the proposed blasphemy law in Ireland: People need protection. Ideas do not. Ideas should always be open to criticism and ridicule. Short and to the point.

A reminder for all of you to sign the statement to keep libel laws out of science -in a campaign initiated by Sense About Science, and just as the signatories have surpassed 10,000. It is vastly important to keep scientific debates free, especially within the public health domain. Scientists and science journalists (damn, anyone for […]

So it seems that Simon Singh will fight on against the British Chiropractic Association by appealing! This is only good news and I hope that he will be successful in his efforts. A large number of (rational) people stand behind Simon at this point, and “Sense About Science“, kicks off a campaign to stop the ridiculousness that is the libel law in England, and especially when it steps on our freedom of speech. As I have said before, when a science writer is sued for criticizing a health organization, things are crazy indeed…