Canadians are very easily excited. I was in Canada last week for a few days, and had a chance to walk around Toronto. As I approached a Church (of one of the million Christian branches…) I saw a drunk guy laying on the pavement and mumbling some incomprehensible words. He was dirty, obviously drunk, and possibly homeless. Did I mention he was also drunk?

The inevitability of death (photos)

First time off to the other side of the Atlantic, I visited a number of places in New Jersey and New York. Quite the experience and quite a shock to discover that New York is a bit of a mess really :-)

Totally mind blowing live set from Combichrist at Slimelight -yeah yeah that was two weeks ago but I didn’t have time to upload anything as I was in Japan for a week… Enjoy a brief part from “Today I woke to the rain of blood” and some photos as well

I only managed to take photos from my night excursions in Tokyo last week -mornings were busy. So here’s a few photos from my trip (see more here)

Everyone say hello to Rosalea, my new room-mate. She is very quiet, very clean, not at all demanding, and has a very impressive appearance! The only thing is, she only comes out during the night…

Oriental small-clawed otters (scientific name: Amblonyx cinereus) at the London Zoo.

Gorillas at the relatively new Gorilla Kingdom at the London Zoo. The female is one of the three companions to the big male, Bobby the silverback gorilla!