More and more people and organizations are denouncing Homeopathy for what it is: witchcraft. In fact, this is the exact word the British Medical Association used in a motion it passed to urge the National Health Service to stop using tax money to fund unproven “medicine”.

So the Church of England has “decided” that science and religion are apparently compatible (a vague, loosely defined word in this context, but nevermind…) at a general synod in London. Schizophrenia!

God’s gloriously perfect creation (except for the deliberate setup for failure and the presence of a supposedly evil serpent) was all wrecked because Adam chose to disobey God, choosing instead to listen to his only companion in the world and eat a bit of fruit.

That’s something I never actually though about -probably because never in my adult life have I done anything as silly as this. But anyway. There were concerns raised over the potential for spreading the swine flu virus (or Influenza A better, but swine flu has a much nicer sounds to it, don’t you think?) during the communion service when every single person shares the same chalice to drink wine… oh sorry, I meant the blood of Christ.

The only applications [of the gravitational law] I could think of were, first, in some geophysical prospecting, in predicting the tides; nowadays, more modernly, in working out the motions of the satellites and the planet probes, and so on, that we send up– and also, modernly, to calculate the predictions of the planet’s position, which have great utility for astrologers to publish their predictions and horoscopes in the magazines.

“This house believes that complementary and alternative medicine does more harm than good”. That was the motion of yesterday’s debate, as proposed by Simon Singh. Supporting him was Prof. Michael Baum; opposing him were Prof. George Lewith and Prof. David Peters. Get ready for a debate high on fallacies, low on logic, and with hot tempers!

For the 2009 World Homeopathy Awareness Week, I am re-posting my piece from last year. This year’s awareness week is focused on allergies -a very common claim of homeopaths but with no evidence to back it up (as always).

The Spanish socialist government took yet another step towards rational and reality-based policies by proposing the legalization of early stage abortions.