Yesterday, I was shocked to hear such comments from the Pope, a well known bastion of equality, supporter of human rights, and devoted to promoting tolerance towards every human being -having been created after all by God himself in his image.

After much pressure in the form of a petition that received thousands of signatures, Gordon Brown released yesterday a statement apologizing for the inhumane treatment of Alan Turing.

A magnificent quote from Michael Nugent, of Atheist Ireland, while discussing the ridiculousness of the proposed blasphemy law in Ireland: People need protection. Ideas do not. Ideas should always be open to criticism and ridicule. Short and to the point.

So it seems that Simon Singh will fight on against the British Chiropractic Association by appealing! This is only good news and I hope that he will be successful in his efforts. A large number of (rational) people stand behind Simon at this point, and “Sense About Science“, kicks off a campaign to stop the ridiculousness that is the libel law in England, and especially when it steps on our freedom of speech. As I have said before, when a science writer is sued for criticizing a health organization, things are crazy indeed…

bo·gus (boh-guss), adj.

Counterfeit or fake; not genuine: bogus money; bogus tasks.

And may I add bogus treatments in the list of examples? Or will I get sued for using tht term -evidently not as simple or innocent as we might have thought. I kid you not (as our beloved Sarah would say at the other side of the Atlantic), you can actually find yourself in deep waters if you say the ‘b’ word. Simon Singh got in a lot of trouble for using it… Thankfully a large number of rational people and supporters of free speech reacted. Jack of Kent being one of them, organized an evening of support for Simon. But let’s pause here and try to take things from the beginning…

The Spanish socialist government took yet another step towards rational and reality-based policies by proposing the legalization of early stage abortions.

Obama yesterday lifted a ban on funding for international groups providing information and performing safe abortions in poor countries especially in Africa and Asia. In the absence of such groups desperate women that would not be able to support their newborns, are forced to undergo “black-market” abortions -with dire consequences… Well, the Vatican didn’t like Obama’s decision -which means it was the correct one!

A couple of readers asked me why I removed my support for the “Stop supporting Israeli apartheid!!” idea (from the website).