Last night I was watching a debate between Christopher Hitchens and Frank Turek, on the question: “What best explains reality: theism or atheism?“. I could not help but notice that the same arguments were presented yet again by some religious apologist. Nevertheless, some of them I found interesting not in their argumentative prowess, but in that while they seem intuitively wrong, sometimes I am hard pressed to express my opinion on the subject. Therefore, I am writing this post mostly to document my thoughts, and hope to generate some discussion or provoke some thinking in my numerous (three to be precise) audience.

In a piece of bad, bad news, the Associated Press reported yesterday that Christopher Hitchens, successful British author and activist atheist, has started chemotherapy to fight off a cancer of the esophagus. Hitchens is a very well regarded (albeit often controversial) bestseller author of such books as “God is not Great” and “Hitch-22“.

I though with the Easter and all, this is a very relevant post :-) There is this guy, a radio show host at Wretched Radio, Todd Friel. He seems to be a devout Christian that takes the bible at face value. He also likes to play games, namely, “what if” games, where a guest is asked to play along in hypothetical scenarios that Todd creates. The scenarios you will listen to, are based on biblical fairy tales, like “what if the god has actually created you, wouldn’t he then have rights on you?” and other kinds of such fantasies -nevermind the fact that Todd himself really believes these stories.