Fellow Greeks, we’re not doing very well lately, are we? What with owing to everyone that ever had a dollar of investable capital, the austerity measures, the unemployment, the ubiquitous corruption, and of course the loss to Germany in the Euro 2012 quarter finals. Yes, we’ve had better times in the past -I remember reading about some Pericleus dude in Ancient Athens…

I don’t usually talk about Greece or politics in general, unless they touch on the issues I favor in this blog. This time however… no wait, I won’t talk about those things now either. I will let some others discuss the recent rescue plans for “bailing out” Greece -and the whole Eurozone really.

Following the recent elections in Greece, where the socialist party went back to power after a 7 year rule of the centre-right conservatists, the time had come for the newly elected members of the parliament to take their oaths. In this regard, the new parliamentary team of Syriza, a left-wing liberal party, decided not to take the Christian Orthodox oath, citing the freedom of religion passages in the Greek constitution.

It is. It really is. I mean, this is a country in which: 1) There is a job position for someone to drive around in circles all day in the airport arrival bays to “remind” to everyone that this is not a parking and they should not leave their cars and just leave!

Getting to Greece for holidays is a difficult task after all… Especially when such a reliable airline as Alitalia is involved.

A short break (not from work but rather a change of scenery) in Greece coincided with a series of streaks to oppose the new insurance and pension laws currently being discussed. So: piles of garbage in the streets (by the way this kind of streaks should be illegal), electricity power cuts, reduced public services (well, okay this is the typical state) and more, conspired towards an appalling state of the city that made me want to go back to London as soon as possible!

As LiveScience reported, an ancient Greek site was recently discovered in the North East shoreline of Peloponnisos. It is ancient harbor town of the glorious Mycenaean civilization (around 1600-1100 B.C) and is believed to have been a military outpost.

I was particularly happy to see that easyJet has finally included Thessaloniki in their destinations from London! And then, I noticed that it is not only Thessaloniki but a host of other new Greek destinations!