Ken Ham is this very gifted guy, the leader of Answers in Genesis, an organization that promotes open thinking and science-based methodologies. Ken has recently made some fresh, highly intelligent and accurate comments. [/sarcasm]

Amongst a very large number of apparent “designs” in nature that certainly won’t compete for any efficiency awards, the laryngeal nerve of many mammals is a magnificent piece of bad engineering. The extreme case of a giraffe is discussed in this video by Richard Dawkins -and would make a great souvenir for Michael Behe‘s living room.

God’s gloriously perfect creation (except for the deliberate setup for failure and the presence of a supposedly evil serpent) was all wrecked because Adam chose to disobey God, choosing instead to listen to his only companion in the world and eat a bit of fruit.

Steven Novella recently wrote about the new battleground for the never-ending Creationists versus Science war: Neuroscience. This is a field still in its infancy when compared to Evolutionary Biology for example, and thus Creationists (not famous for their cleverness) are finding it easier to attack. And since their efforts to overthrow Evolutionary Theory have been so hugely successful (oh, the sarcasm) they decided they needed something more frail.

Welcome, welcome, all three of you. Once again I have the best available stories for you. The menu today includes: a discussion of the common myth that we need 8 glasses of water per day; the problem of duplicate science publications along with an interesting (if not funny) use case; an especially interesting discussion of the creationists attacks on neuroscience and materialism; and a primer on the potential causes and explanations of placebo-like effects on animals!

Lots of concentrated woo so be careful: the top five misinformation and ignorance campaigns.

Jonathan Wells is a creationist that has written “Icons of Evolution”, a book full of misrepresentation and misunderstanding of evolutionary science. Wells has also released a list of “10 Questions to Ask Your Biology Teacher“, a list that supposedly contains 10 questions that an evolutionary biologist cannot answer -thus rendering the theory wrong!

So, what do we have this week? A focus on the wars between science, reason, and rationality against creationism, lunacy, and arrogant ignorance. A very creative “demonstration” of how random mutations along with selection pressure make evolution not as improbable as creationists would like us to believe. A round of misinformation from creationists, regarding the Altenberg meeting of leading evolutionary biologists. Also answer to the questions “what really happened at the Altenberg meeting“, and “does atheism require faith too?