Finally some good news on the front of freedom of information: Prof. Colquhoun has achieved an important victory in this domain! For years now (literally!) he has been asking the University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN) to provide their teaching material for their infamous BSc degree in homeopathy under the Freedom of Information Act.

Long time no see. The “Stuff from the Science Blogosphere” series returns for the new season, after a longer than average break. And this time we have the usual alternative medicine crap, ranging from homeopathy (our favorite) to Chinese herbs and natural remedies. University courses that really should be more in touch with reality. And some antivaccinationist propaganda to close off this instalment a bit more seriously. Here we go…

As I have learned from Prof. Colquhoun, there is currently not a single homeopathy degree left in English Universities! The last one standing was offered by the University of Westminster at their (ridiculous) School of Integrated Health -which tries to integrate proper, tested medicine, with alternative unproven treatments. But that one has just been halted too!

Carl Sagan is no longer here to take on the pseudoscientific charlatans that seem to have flooded the web lately. But thankfully, a significant and constantly rising number of skeptics and rational thinkers are trying to counter the waves of nonsense. Two such prominent figures in the blogosphere (and outside) are Andy Lewis and Prof. David Colquhoun.

Le Canard Noir (or the Little Black Duck :-) but in reality Andy Lewis) and Prof. David Colquhoun, will be talking at the Oxford Town Hall today at 14.15. Andy Lewis runs the Quackometer, while Prof. David Colquhoun is one of the most active opponents of pseudoscientific medicine in the UK. Today, they will both try to teach us “How to Detect when Some One is talking Bull****“!

Following the two Cochrane reviews last week that exposed acupuncture as ancient Chinese magic -and an elaborate powerful placebo, a fresh from the oven major review published at the British Medical Journal (BMJ), pretty much concludes the funeral.

Dr. Eslea is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan). When he became aware of UCLan plans to introduce another “scientific” degree in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine, he decided that enough is enough and that the time for some action had arrived. So he wrote a letter to the Vice Chancellor…

Following the recent turmoil regarding Boots Pharmacies breach of ethical rules, and the successful (and official) complaints/attacks from David Colquhoun (from Improbable Science), I happened to visit Boots yesterday. Not looking for homeopathic remedies of course… But this is what I found.