You may or may not have already heard about the recent study published in the “Food and Chemical Toxicology” journal, linking genetically modified (GM) maize with aggressive tumour formation and premature death.

Of course we already knew this. At least, and assuming one does not live in an isolated bubble of delusion, one could suspect and expect this kind of criminal behaviour from a cult that believes in magic water with no shred of evidence

Following the World Health Organization’s (WHO) condemnation of homeopathy as a cure for all sorts of dangerous ailments, prominent homeopaths complained that the WHO did not take into consideration the “growing evidence-base” of their favorite pet “therapy”! Now, we are all well aware that the evidence base ranges from inconclusive meta-analyses, to damning systematic reviews, so how this is a “growing evidence-base” FOR homeopathy is beyond me…

More bad science, or more specifically money-driven, fraudulent science. Dr. Scott Reuben, a Massachusetts anesthesiologist working at the Springfield’s Baystate Medical Center, has been faking data for over a decade now in more than twenty published peer-reviewed papers (!) regarding the efficiency of a variety of pain-killers, including Pfizer’s and Merck’s.

A favorite methodology amongst cranks and woo-meisters is to take legitimate scientific research, and distort or misrepresent its findings until they suit the crank’s presumptions and belief system. And since we all know that Homeopathy is the biggest branch of woo, let’s see how they torture scientific evidence using a huge manufacturer as a use case: Boiron.

Keyword: evidence. In this post we will explore how the website (in familiar pseudoscientific methodology) misrepresents scientific evidence in order to advance their agenda of eliminating vaccines (and probably all science-based medicine?).

Many of you might be familiar with this well of stupidity and misinformation that is the website. It is a centre for propagation of bad science and misleading information that have probably led a number of people into rejecting vaccination thus resulting in the recent outbreaks in the UK and US. So let’s expose some of their ludicrous ideas!