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Brief weekend break to Berlin to see Parov Stelar live last Friday (19th October) at Collumbiahalle. We looked a bit outsiders since we did not constantly carry a bottle of beer in our hands, but other than that great gig, very entertaining show.Get a glimpse of it below with “Matilda” and “Jimmy’s Gang”.

Just a quick word about my visit to CERN over the weekend: not what I expected.

Canadians are very easily excited. I was in Canada last week for a few days, and had a chance to walk around Toronto. As I approached a Church (of one of the million Christian branches…) I saw a drunk guy laying on the pavement and mumbling some incomprehensible words. He was dirty, obviously drunk, and possibly homeless. Did I mention he was also drunk?

First time off to the other side of the Atlantic, I visited a number of places in New Jersey and New York. Quite the experience and quite a shock to discover that New York is a bit of a mess really :-)

I only managed to take photos from my night excursions in Tokyo last week -mornings were busy. So here’s a few photos from my trip (see more here)

Greetings to all of my (three) readers from Kawasaki, Tokyo! I am here on business with Fujitsu for a week, and it’s proving a great experience thus far. This is a crazy, crazy city…

It is. It really is. I mean, this is a country in which: 1) There is a job position for someone to drive around in circles all day in the airport arrival bays to “remind” to everyone that this is not a parking and they should not leave their cars and just leave!

Ah, today I am visiting Pisa -again. For those living in another world (or possibly the United States of America) Pisa is the city with the unacceptably badly*) leaning tower. A wonder, really, of Italian engineering -or, better, an effective advertising campaign against excessive drinking. But fear not my (three) readers! Blogging will continue even […]