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The Internet needs a way to help people separate rumour from real science, said Tim Berners-Lee -the creator of the World Wide Web.

Google recently made available for download a beta version of Chrome, their vision of an open source web browser. Of course I shouldn’t even mention ‘beta’ since it goes without saying for Google :-) Have you noticed how GMail is still at beta version?

Firefox 3 was supposed to come out with a bang but, as was probably expected, their servers could not afford the huge load they invited in the first place!

Firefox 3 is being officially released tomorrow 17th June 2008, and there is a big effort going on to break the world record on downloads on the first day of launch! So go over there and provide your support while at the same time getting a hell of a browser!

Phil Plait, also known as the Bad Astronomer, has posted a number of stories from his visit to CERN and the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) as well as a pretty nice video of his adventures. I repost it here but make sure you read his post on the visit!

Joseph Sifakis, born in Crete, Greece, was the recipient of the ACM Alan Turing Award for 2007, along with Edmund Clarke and Allen Emerson, for their work on Model Checking and Verification Systems.

Backed by 4GB of 800MHz Memory, the Quad Core pumps blood to the rest of the system with very high efficiency

How would you like to be able to post to your blog through your mobile phone? OK this has been happening lately. What about connecting remotely and securely to another machine?