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Read and weep for the children that happen to be born to criminally deluded or gullible parents…

Ken Ham is this very gifted guy, the leader of Answers in Genesis, an organization that promotes open thinking and science-based methodologies. Ken has recently made some fresh, highly intelligent and accurate comments. [/sarcasm]

So there is this guy, Mike Adams, he runs this site/shop/community/whatever which is basically a well of abysmal stupidity dissemination. At first look, there seems nothing wrong with this site, I mean it just tries to promote a more natural or drug-free lifestyle, right? Which is fine if you draw proper lines and if you understand the risks, right?

Dr Mike Egnor is a neurosurgeon, famous for his notoriously fallacious arguments and bad logic when trying to support the fairy tale that is intelligent design. He contributes to a ridiculous blog in which he often comments on news around evolution -a well of fallacies, misunderstandings of even basic evolutionary concepts, and just plain silliness. Actually, it is not even a blog: Egnor doesn’t allow comments on his posts, probably in fear of armies of people ridiculing him for his outrageously stupid way of “thinking”. Steven Novella has exposed Egnor a number of times already but he just doesn’t seem to notice… Everyone else though, has already acknowledged the vacuity in his argumentation… The term “Egnorance” was promptly and rightfully coined and is in wide use today.

I found Harry Frankfurt‘s “On Bullshit” a very entertaining read. Thoroughly interesting, albeit somewhat lightweight despite the philosophical motivation of Frankfurt. It is an endeavour to understand the nature of bullshit, how it distinguishes from lies and humbug (!), and why there just seems to be so much of it nowadays!

A few days ago I received this comical comment on my post “This is what happens with the lying anti-vaccination campaigns“. This is a perfect demonstration of what I have been saying all along: that those who promote the anti-vaccination propaganda are usually stupid!

This just goes to show the stupidity flowing freely within religious organizations such as the American Family Association. Their decoration ideas for Christmas include a large Christmas Cross with 210 lights attached to it, that looks like this

Lots of concentrated woo so be careful: the top five misinformation and ignorance campaigns.