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Since lately my post on the twin coin flipping “paradox” has been gaining attraction, and there are still misconceptions about the outcome, I thought I should hack up a quick script to demonstrate. Experimenting is always the best way to verify an idea so let’s do that.

This is a little bit crazy, but there are a number of people that celebrate today as being one of those rare “square root days” 03/03/09 (3 being the square root of 9). The previous one was 02 Feb 2004, while the next one is 04 April 2016.

This is a very strange musical instrument I found while wandering in the small alleys in Barcelona back in 2005. Anyone has any idea what this is?!?

Throughout the evolutionary history of our eyes, nature kind-of screwed up at some point. Instead of having the optical nerves that lead to the brain processing centre come from behind the photoreceptor cells in the retina (like for instance in cephalopods), they start from the inside of the retina meaning that there are no photoreceptors at that point. This is the case for all vertebrates and creates a blind spot in our field of vision. Let’s find out where that is!

In 1963, Jose Delgado entered a bull-fighting ring in Cordova, Spain, along with a 500 kg heavy, angry bull. Delgado was not a matador and had never done anything like this before. Yet, he easily avoided the charging bull without even moving at all -just by pressing a button!

I guess this is one predictable result: Typealyzer analyzes the text on one’s blog and spits out a result outlining the writing style and the potential personality of the writer. Guess what I came out as?

This instalment of “Mathematical Paradoxes” focuses on a much more important issue than coin flipping or live shows: rare disease testing. What should you do in case you test positive to a very rare disease?

Here is the deal: Gerard Maynard, an artist working in Harlem, took more than 2,000 photos of the glacier at the Yosemite National Park, stitched them all together, and created one gargantuan 17 gigapixel photo -which occupies a mere 96.5 Gigabytes!