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A sad story came out today by the Associated Press: A 20 year old woman in Somalia was stoned to death for adultery

Funny species, those Intelligent Design proponents (aka IDiots) are. They keep repeating the same vacuous arguments (well, not even arguments really, more like delusions) until they manage to convince themselves. Take for example this award winning quote from Casey Luskin.

Following the recent elections in Greece, where the socialist party went back to power after a 7 year rule of the centre-right conservatists, the time had come for the newly elected members of the parliament to take their oaths. In this regard, the new parliamentary team of Syriza, a left-wing liberal party, decided not to take the Christian Orthodox oath, citing the freedom of religion passages in the Greek constitution.

God’s gloriously perfect creation (except for the deliberate setup for failure and the presence of a supposedly evil serpent) was all wrecked because Adam chose to disobey God, choosing instead to listen to his only companion in the world and eat a bit of fruit.

Lately, many Catholic Christians (“journalists” or simple bloggers) have declared that: “science proves pope was right about condoms“… I find the use (or better, misuse) of the rules of logic by those people baffling. I also find the gross misdirection away from the actual problem with such statements baffling. Let me explain. Here are the facts of the case.

[source: wearscience]

That’s something I never actually though about -probably because never in my adult life have I done anything as silly as this. But anyway. There were concerns raised over the potential for spreading the swine flu virus (or Influenza A better, but swine flu has a much nicer sounds to it, don’t you think?) during the communion service when every single person shares the same chalice to drink wine… oh sorry, I meant the blood of Christ.

This is something very unusual I’ve never seen it before! One believer was trying to make a photo of the sunset when he noticed a very unusual light on the left and started recording it. It was an Angel taking the soul of one man – when they went to that building one man had really died! Have a look!” I did have a look, and I don’t see any angels. Instead I see something else…