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God’s gloriously perfect creation (except for the deliberate setup for failure and the presence of a supposedly evil serpent) was all wrecked because Adam chose to disobey God, choosing instead to listen to his only companion in the world and eat a bit of fruit.

The only applications [of the gravitational law] I could think of were, first, in some geophysical prospecting, in predicting the tides; nowadays, more modernly, in working out the motions of the satellites and the planet probes, and so on, that we send up– and also, modernly, to calculate the predictions of the planet’s position, which have great utility for astrologers to publish their predictions and horoscopes in the magazines.

A magnificent quote from Michael Nugent, of Atheist Ireland, while discussing the ridiculousness of the proposed blasphemy law in Ireland: People need protection. Ideas do not. Ideas should always be open to criticism and ridicule. Short and to the point.

I found Harry Frankfurt‘s “On Bullshit” a very entertaining read. Thoroughly interesting, albeit somewhat lightweight despite the philosophical motivation of Frankfurt. It is an endeavour to understand the nature of bullshit, how it distinguishes from lies and humbug (!), and why there just seems to be so much of it nowadays!

Dubya has finally gone; Obama is now here. Can I just say that I completely agree with the Two Percent Company? Warning: explicit content!

Favorite Atheist Quotes

Bertrand Russell on Philosophy…

It is great humans like Dr. John Grunsfeld and those that share his passion, scientific mind, and bravery, that have advanced our knowledge about the cosmos.