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Oh yes, some amphetamines would have been very helpful over the last few weeks! Amidst getting a new job, finalizing my current work, and searching for and buying a new car, I had no time at all to keep up with the science blogosphere and update my site!

Everyone say hello to Rosalea, my new room-mate. She is very quiet, very clean, not at all demanding, and has a very impressive appearance! The only thing is, she only comes out during the night…

Turning 29 years old today. Although in Mars I would still be around 15 and in Jupiter a mere 2 and a half, in Venus I would be having my midlife crisis at 47, while in Mercury I would be enjoying my 120th winter… Back on Earth, this evening from around 7pm onwards I will be in central London with friends (watch this space for updates on the location).

Ah, today I am visiting Pisa -again. For those living in another world (or possibly the United States of America) Pisa is the city with the unacceptably badly*) leaning tower. A wonder, really, of Italian engineering -or, better, an effective advertising campaign against excessive drinking. But fear not my (three) readers! Blogging will continue even […]

In typical fashion I have started the new year with a bang! And what a bang that was: it resulted in a broken toe…

Getting to Greece for holidays is a difficult task after all… Especially when such a reliable airline as Alitalia is involved.

Yes! Tonight I am going to the Church for the first time after… after… well, after a very long time! And you know what’s the strangest part of all? It promises to be very, very interesting!

A whole year after finishing my PhD, I finally attended my graduation ceremony!