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Just a quick word about my visit to CERN over the weekend: not what I expected.

Notes to self on Go Karting: No, you are not going to flip over on every corner. Why it took three laps to realise that?

Thirty seconds of free falling were probably enough to justify the high price of tandem skydiving! The moment you leave the aircraft the brain gets confused, heart goes berzerk, senses absorb everything. Unique experience!

Yes, I went up against the whole City of Westminster, and came out with my parking ticket appeal allowed, yesterday, in a personal hearing with an adjudicator (a judge?) with the Parking and Traffic Appeals Service. Surprisingly, it was easier than I expected it.

First time off to the other side of the Atlantic, I visited a number of places in New Jersey and New York. Quite the experience and quite a shock to discover that New York is a bit of a mess really :-)

Tick tock, tick tock…

I only managed to take photos from my night excursions in Tokyo last week -mornings were busy. So here’s a few photos from my trip (see more here)

Greetings to all of my (three) readers from Kawasaki, Tokyo! I am here on business with Fujitsu for a week, and it’s proving a great experience thus far. This is a crazy, crazy city…