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The inevitability of death (photos)

After watching a short clip from Sir David Attenborough‘s interview with Jonathan Ross, it seems that he might actually believe that the footprint is evidence of the existence of Yetis. I still maintain 100% that the Daily Mail has chosen sensationalism to make a headline, but now I have to write a couple of more sentences on this issue.

That’s what the Daily Mail reported today, in yet another demonstration of sensationalistic reporting and misrepresentation. The Daily Mail begins the article entitled: “Yeti evidence is ‘convincing’ says wildlife expert Sir David Attenborough” with: “Sir David Attenborough believes there is ‘very convincing’ evidence that yetis exist.”

Oriental small-clawed otters (scientific name: Amblonyx cinereus) at the London Zoo.

Gorillas at the relatively new Gorilla Kingdom at the London Zoo. The female is one of the three companions to the big male, Bobby the silverback gorilla!

Squirrel monkeys at the London Zoo. Naughty little devils running around and biting!

Centipedes like moist environments as they have an issue with dryness (poor them). Our house by the beach where I currently spend my holidays, is obviously moist. Can you see where this is going?

This week includes a good dosage of Bad Astronomy ranging from astrology and crop circles and their infiltration in academia, some typical psychic quackery, and some actual science reporting on behaviour of ‘cheaters’ in honey bee colonies. Let’s roll!