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Notes to self on Go Karting: No, you are not going to flip over on every corner. Why it took three laps to realise that?

For once some encouraging news from the UK education front: “Science is undergoing a dramatic resurgence in secondary schools” as the Telegraph reported. In a period when pupils are generally going for the “sexy” non-sciences, this is indeed good news.

Thirty seconds of free falling were probably enough to justify the high price of tandem skydiving! The moment you leave the aircraft the brain gets confused, heart goes berzerk, senses absorb everything. Unique experience!

In a piece of bad, bad news, the Associated Press reported yesterday that Christopher Hitchens, successful British author and activist atheist, has started chemotherapy to fight off a cancer of the esophagus. Hitchens is a very well regarded (albeit often controversial) bestseller author of such books as “God is not Great” and “Hitch-22“.

What with the low life form that decided to break my mirror, and with some all-around fixes, I had to get my BMW twice to a garage in the last 10 days. I also had to buy some parts online, since garages (and especially BMW dealers) seem to overcharge them. So after quite some research I have two recommendations to make.

For some strange reason, I got a message on Facebook for an event I am not interested in, hosted by a group I am not interested in. (Brief irrelevant parenthesis: where is the privacy on Facebook?!? Closing brief irrelevant parenthesis). Nevertheless, I am grateful for the nice blogging material. Here is the description of the event’s organizing group…

Back to reality. Back to London starting my post-summer rehabilitation. Was happy to find Rosalea still alive :-) and my car intact at the back of my house. But…

It is. It really is. I mean, this is a country in which: 1) There is a job position for someone to drive around in circles all day in the airport arrival bays to “remind” to everyone that this is not a parking and they should not leave their cars and just leave!