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Brief weekend break to Berlin to see Parov Stelar live last Friday (19th October) at Collumbiahalle. We looked a bit outsiders since we did not constantly carry a bottle of beer in our hands, but other than that great gig, very entertaining show.Get a glimpse of it below with “Matilda” and “Jimmy’s Gang”.

Totally mind blowing live set from Combichrist at Slimelight -yeah yeah that was two weeks ago but I didn’t have time to upload anything as I was in Japan for a week… Enjoy a brief part from “Today I woke to the rain of blood” and some photos as well

A quick one to list up the interesting gigs I have spotted for October. As always, the period immediately after summer is very exciting in this respect, and this October is no exception. So here we go in date order:

bo·gus (boh-guss), adj.

Counterfeit or fake; not genuine: bogus money; bogus tasks.

And may I add bogus treatments in the list of examples? Or will I get sued for using tht term -evidently not as simple or innocent as we might have thought. I kid you not (as our beloved Sarah would say at the other side of the Atlantic), you can actually find yourself in deep waters if you say the ‘b’ word. Simon Singh got in a lot of trouble for using it… Thankfully a large number of rational people and supporters of free speech reacted. Jack of Kent being one of them, organized an evening of support for Simon. But let’s pause here and try to take things from the beginning…

Simon Singh is to give a talk tonight at 6pm at Goldsmiths, University of London, entitled: “Trick or Treatment? Alternative Medicine (and the Media) on Trial“.

Unfortunately, I didn’t even have a chance to try, let alone register, for The Amazing Meeting 2009 which is to be held in London (first time outside the US). Registration opened at 11am today, a frenzy followed (apparently), the site went down overwhelmed by the congestion, and tickets were sold out in a matter of hours.

“This house believes that complementary and alternative medicine does more harm than good”. That was the motion of yesterday’s debate, as proposed by Simon Singh. Supporting him was Prof. Michael Baum; opposing him were Prof. George Lewith and Prof. David Peters. Get ready for a debate high on fallacies, low on logic, and with hot tempers!

A debate on complementary and alternative therapies will take place at Guy’s hospital on the 28th of April. The motion of the debate is ‘this house believes that complementary and alternative therapies do more harm than good‘, proposed by Simon Singh and Prof Michael Baum.