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Yes, it’s been a very long time since I last wrote something. This is not because of a lack of interesting (in one way or another) things to write about. On the contrary, there is a lot of interesting things happening in science and technology; a lot of interesting medical work; and, of course, it’s stupidity galore as always out there!

Amidst a pile of obligations, a moving out / moving in phase with severe delays, some lost flights and a crazy (albeit particularly enjoyable) Christmas break, further journeys through burning minds had to stop for a while…

In the whole refurbishment spirit of the last few days, I finally decided to move all my research-related posts to my other blog here. Well, it’s not strictly a blog but mostly a place where I keep my professional and academic background for anyone interested -it rarely qualifies as a blog, although I just might start posting there once in a blue moon or so (as opposed to once in a green moon currently…)

After about a year and a half, I finally decided to upgrade my Wordpress and also give the blog a needed make up. Nothing much, some visual improvements here and there, but I do hope it looks better than before!

Today I need the help of my loyal readers (all three of them, and yes, I am not referring to you disloyal ones who have the nerve to go and read other blogs than mine!). I only need two very simple things from you and I might find something in return for you as well :-)

I guess this is one predictable result: Typealyzer analyzes the text on one’s blog and spits out a result outlining the writing style and the potential personality of the writer. Guess what I came out as?

How do people reach the “Journey through a Burning Mind”? What kind of search queries lead here the most?