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Here is the deal: Gerard Maynard, an artist working in Harlem, took more than 2,000 photos of the glacier at the Yosemite National Park, stitched them all together, and created one gargantuan 17 gigapixel photo -which occupies a mere 96.5 Gigabytes!

What better way to realize you are back in the capital than go to an exhibition? Forever 27 is about musicians that died at that fateful age, and is hosted by Proud Galleries at Camden.

It’s OK to find refuge for weird paintings and art generally under the umbrella term of “Abstract” but I think this one has crossed the line!

Once upon a time there was a great Greek tribe: The Spartans. The Spartans fought the great battle of Thermopylae -one of the greatest battles in history of mankind.

“Children of Men” is a movie set in the near future when a defect has left all women on earth infertile!

Modigliani and his naked models should be the title actually… Very interesting exhibition whatsoever

The British Museum runs an exhibition on Michelangelo‘s drawings, related to his scupltures, paintings and architectural projects