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This blog is about discussions on science, skepticism, pseudoscience; trips on the borders of religion and science; brief adventures in hi-fi; this blog is a Journey through a Burning Mind


I initially started this blog back in 2004 while I was teaching in the University of Westminster, as a means to provide tutorial questions, sample exam papers, and problem solutions. Along with that, the occasional post about my research progress, my travels, and, mainly, my musical interests.

Back in 2007, as I have just finished my PhD, I finally found some time to start writing more about issues I found really interesting. Although I was always particularly fascinated by the physical sciences, I found another subject that wanted to start discussing through this blog: pseudoscience and the misrepresentation of science.


There were so many obvious candidate subjects for me to start blogging, but my focus initially (for various reasons which I will not discuss here and now) was on homeopathy and the creationism/intelligent design movement against evolution.

Lately I have been much more active, and I am particularly happy that there seems to be a number of people that find my posts interesting!


Through my involvement in the scientific blogosphere, I have managed to meet (well, digitally mostly :-) a number of smart and intelligent people, including biologists, neuroscientists, medical doctors, or simply skeptics that share this fundamental property that we call critical thinking and is so much lacking nowadays…

I have also managed to meet some of these people personally, like Phil Plait (when he came to London last year), Andy Lewis (from the Quackometer) and Prof. Colquhoun from UCL.


In any case, this journey involves other stuff as well, including posts around musical events and news. Stuff relating to my research or professional profile however, are now part of my more work-oriented site, which can be found here (yes, you will notice that it has no fancy name like this one…).

I hope you enjoy this journey and participate in it as much as you want! I always enjoy a good discussion!

What’s with the crop circles in the headers?

You will never find out…

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After a period of bug fixing (curse incompatible browsers), I just managed to post the first comment regarding the site.

Let me know what you think!

Well done Stavros! Good Work! It looks nice and I like the option to change themes etc! It seems that using cutenews was a good choice;P Perhaps you could make an option to change the background colour as well!

Also when you are in the right mood, try my blog site str1der.blogspot.com! It has a lot of funny posts (in greek) :)

Quite impressive! Big difference

4. Manav (Group B4)

Impressive site Stavros, keep it up^^^. The Homework questions for chapter 6 weren't posted meaning I can't do them, lol its your fault :p . I'm sure you'll let me off… BLE$$

Thats quite a refurbishment Stavros! It takes a bit of time to load on my slow line though :-(

nice site, liked the photo section especially the man utd ones 😉 if you have more put them up will you?

Hi Stavros, I can't comment the changes in the design as this is my first visit but I can tell u that I like it!
Interesting things in ur posts, I'll read them from time to time!
Take care and keep blogging! :)

Hi Stavros this is my 1st time viewing ur website n im glad 2 say it looks great.

I was well impressed with your site, keep up the hard work!

This site rocks! Keep up that excellent work!

hey Stavros its a great site . Well done. Small problem your results are irritating us,can you please take them off. lol
Good luck to us.
Chooty & Hitesh

Hello Stavro,
Good work boy. I've bookmarked your site.
It's very interesting both in content and in and looks.
Greece needs young fellows like you.
Keep up the good work.

I finally decided to give you a little feedback ! well you got it! i love your site !!! no , really, its good…

I have seen your comment re arthur bailey comments.
You obviously do not know who he is othrewise you woulod not hqave appoached your answer in that way, If you manage a tenth of what he has accomplished you will die a happy man. do a bit of reashearch first.


aren’t you a bit off topic to post something like this in this page?

Further: what are you talking about? Which post and which comments? I do not know where to move this comment! So I will probably delete it soon…

I do not believe this

When shall we see a normal professionnal documentary film with, say, relatives of victims of one 911 flight, with the purpose of the deceased travel and all that? Why hasn’t such a film been made? Or has it?


I find that I am drawn to your website–it is quite magnificent. However, your vehement assertion that religious ideologies are for idiots gives me pause. I am a skeptical agnostic myself, but you have inspired me to resume a journey through my own burning mind and revisit the possibility that science and the divine are partners in some way. Once you are sure you know a great deal…the more you realize you know nothing at all. Did not one of your philosophers mention that to some degree?

Thank you for your inspiration!

Christina, thanks for the comment. I am not saying that religious ideologies are for idiots. I have said numerous times that I don’t mind religious people so long as their belief is a personal thing and they don’t try to impose it on others.

The idiots I am referring to are those who based on their religious beliefs, oppose and attack science, spread misinformation about science, and try to teach their beliefs as science.


I must say that I agree with your last statement. When did you realize/decide that you were an atheist?

Hello there, just became aware of your blog through Google, and found that it’s truly informative.

I’m gonna watch out for brussels. I will appreciate if you continue this in future.
Many people will be benefited from your writing. Cheers!

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