The Greek drama: we are what we vote for

Fellow Greeks, we’re not doing very well lately, are we? What with owing to everyone that ever had a dollar of investable capital, the austerity measures, the unemployment, the ubiquitous corruption, and of course the loss to Germany in the Euro 2012 quarter finals. Yes, we’ve had better times in the past -I remember reading about some Pericleus dude in Ancient Athens…

Not sure whose to blame; it’s probably everyone.

I’ve learned a few things over the last two elections though, mostly solidifying my belief that we are pretty much screwed and there is no way out of this mess. But then again what do I know…

It must have been pretty darn difficult to vote for someone without feeling you’re doing your country a disservice -maybe that explains the high abstinence levels; that or laziness/surrender.

So a big chunk who decided to vote did so for the radical left Syriza party, whose economically illiterate leader, Alexis Tsipras, had some brilliant ideas on how to get the country out of this mess, including but not limited to increasing the minimum wage (fantastic idea when the unemployment amongst the less skilled is at such high levels), nationalising the banks and stopping all forms of privatisation (wtf? Seriously, wtf?), expanding the public sector (WTF??). He got one right though, but probably by mistake and motivated by the wrong reasons: cut taxes.

Another significant chunk voted for the fascists, ultra-nationalists, Golden Dawn, whose top members like to slap female opponents on national television, and then sue them for participating in a world-wide smear campaign against this pure and innocent party. No further comments.

Most of the rest did the usual and voted for the two parties that brough he country to this mess.

So it was really a case of voting for the least destructive option -a case of preferring cancer over a stroke. The end result wil probably be the same, except for the amount of suffering until the last lingering shades of hope disappear.

But I have to say, the cookie for the least in touch with reality politician has to go to this guy: Adonis Georgiadis.

Sorry it’s in Greek, but here is the jest of it: This joke of a human being, probably oblivious to the shitty sitution the country is in, thinks that members of the parliament are too good to be using public transport, and it is a humiliation to ask them to do so -implicitly by revoking their right to a free taxpayer-paid car*) .

Well then I have two options for you Adonis: go buy your own f***ing car you asshole, or even better, go bury yourself as soon as possible and leave this tormented country alone. It has suffered enough of f***wits like yourself, only interested in short term personal gains not giving a damn about the country.

I can’t end with such foul taste though; so here’s a relevant anecdote: A certain Steven Weinberg was mostly using the subway to go to his certain Wall Street office, justifying this by saying that travelling amongst the people gave him the best possible insight into what’s going on in the real world, thus helping him make better decisions for the certain investment bank he was leading; a bank that the people of a certain country don’t even want to mention its name out of hatred.

  1. * (I guess high profile politicians in major European economies that use public transport, bicycles, and trams just have no self-esteem at all []