Age calculation: you are doing it wrong!

Ken Ham is this very gifted guy, the leader of Answers in Genesis, an organization that promotes open thinking and science-based methodologies. Ken has recently made some fresh, highly intelligent and accurate comments.


So this guy, thinks that scientists have just pulled a number out of their arses to represent the age of our planet:

The reason the age is such an important issue is, from a secular perspective, if you don’t have millions of years, you can’t postulate evolution,” Ham explains. “Think about it: if you believe in a young earth as we do — 6,000 years on the basis of adding up all the dates in the Bible — evolution is impossible. It can’t happen.

That’s right. Scientists just came up with 5 billion years as the age of the Earth, for convenience. As opposed to Creationists, who used advanced methods to determine the age of the Earth to be around 6,000 years. I guess “pulling stuff out of their arses” is the favourite tactic for Ken and his fellow creationist IDiots, so they project this behaviour to others as well!

This is easily one of the most ridiculous things one can ever read (up there alongside the banana-class creationists Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron): the way Ken Ham and fellow creationists have “calculated” the age of the earth, with the outmost precision: by “adding up all the dates in the Bible”!

Let me repeat this: they calculated the age of the earth by adding up all the dates in the Bible!


How f***ing retarded does one have to be to even consider such a brutal assassination of logic and reasoning?? Why are these people still in existence? Why do they have such influence??