Notes to self: Go Karting

Notes to self on Go Karting

  • No, you are not going to flip over on every corner. Why it took you three laps to realise that?
  • It would probably be better if you exploited your Greek nature and stopped being “polite” on the track. It might get you faster to the checquers flag
  • That headnet thingy (or head condom as I would prefer) is not to maintain your hairstyle (which will get ruined anyway). It is probably to reduce the risk of contacting dandruffiliousis from one of the previous million users of that same helmet (which, by the way, stinks like hell). Or perhaps to keep visibility of long-haired dudes at acceptable levels.
  • Drifting: a lot of fun! Keep doing it -even though it probably doesn’t make you go faster, but it does make you look cooler :-)
  • It’s a shame, but no, you will not get any better any time soon -unless you get very, very rich soon!
  • The yellow flag actually means something…

Anything I missed?