Oh joy! Homeopathic vaccines!

Of course we already knew this. At least, and assuming one does not live in an isolated bubble of delusion, one could suspect and expect this kind of criminal behaviour from a cult that believes in magic water with no shred of evidence*).

For some as yet undetermined reason, this funny and dangerous lot thinks that they have some a given right to give advice to people about things they are clueless: medicine. So they have consistently been (for many years now) opposing one of the pinnacles of scientific medicine: vaccines. Instead, they have been advising their patients to take… homeopathic medicine!

Watch the scary video on BBC, where a homeopath, Katie Jarvis, has homeopathic vaccines aplenty to offer as alternatives to proven vaccines for potentially lethal diseases such as measles, polio, tetanus, and diptheria!

These “vaccines” apparently come “from disease tissue from someone who had this disease**). This sounds similar to the normal vaccination “theory” but fool yourself not! The “vaccines” in this case are pure water, and there really is no real theory behind… Only this ambiguous idea, funnily and misleadingly called a “law”, the law of similars.

This is a conclusive answer to naive questions of the type “what’s the harm in homeopathy if it’s just water?” The harm lies in the misguidance; the late diagnosis; false hopes; pocket money ridding; and pure misrepresentation and torture of science

  1. * (Actually that’s not entirely correct: there is plenty of evidence. Only, they go in the opposite direction of where the homeopaths would like them to go… []
  2. ** (Profitability from such a vaccine would be enormous! As opposed to the costly and lengthy research; virus cultures; and costly production of proper vaccines, in this case, research is not really needed, cause everything is already “proven” and just, you know, makes sense, and has worked for my neighbor. Plus, a single cell of diseased tissue would be enough to produce hoemopathic vaccines for a whole decade… []