“Stavros Isaiadis vs City of Westminster”. Guess who won?

Yes, I went up against the whole City of Westminster, and came out with my parking ticket appeal allowed, yesterday, in a personal hearing with an adjudicator (a judge?) with the Parking and Traffic Appeals Service. Surprisingly, it was easier than I expected it.

I am known for being cautious, and double (triple?) checking everything -I don’t like leaving things at chance. I would also like to believe that I am not stupid. So, if I got this wrong, then there is probably something dodgy with the parking signs in that spot (which is off Edgware road by the way).

This was not *exactly* the wording of my defense of course, by the adjudicator appreciated that the signs were too far apart and visibility could be reduced on a night. I didn’t even had to go to the hard core evidence (apparently the signs there do not even follow the regulations!) to get my appeal allowed.

The case header (incidentally also my post title), was quite amusing as it reminded me of “The People vs. Larry Flynt” (or Kitzmiller v. Dover in a more serious tone). However, most of the appeals against the City of Westminster (around 90%!) are being allowed. So it’s not as pessimistic as the case header makes it seem like. I mean, it’s not like all 236,000 citizens of the borough are up against you!

Nevertheless, if someone does want to whisper “David vs. Goliath“, here is a relevant comic:

[source: Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal]