A natural well of bullshit

So there is this guy, Mike Adams, he runs NaturalNews, a site/shop/community/whatever which is basically a well of abysmal stupidity dissemination. At first look, there seems nothing wrong with this site, I mean it just tries to promote a more natural or drug-free lifestyle, right? Which is fine if you draw proper lines and if you understand the risks, right?

But Mike, the self-called Health Ranger (“HealthRanger“? Seriously?!? What are you, eight?) has taken it too far. He has given the “Naturalistic Fallacy” and “Consipary Theory” concepts a whole other meaning. The woo in his website is actually so highly concentrated, reading it becomes very dangerous without proper preparation (you know, dumbing yourself down a bit, reading fairy tales and smoking oregano…). It combines huge amounts of the typical nonsese:

  • pure natural ingredients is the only thing you will ever need for ALL of your ailments (including cancer). Here is what we learn from the article “Cordyceps mushroom is an effective cancer treatment, says new research”:

    Cordyceps [mushrooms] was originally formulated into a cancer drug called cordycepin back in the 1950s. Though the drug version was ultimately found to be ineffective because of rapid degradation inside the body once it was administered, the active components from the mushroom continue to be effective cancer fighters.

    […some boring misinterpretation here…]

    Though the research focused primarily on cordycepin, it ultimately revealed the powerful effects of cordyceps in preventing and treating cancer.

    What poor Mike cannot understand, is that a large percentage of drugs can be traced back to a natural ingredient in one form or another. Like above, it’s not the mushroom itself Mike, it’s the dose-controlled, derived mushroom drug that is the treatment.

    Can someone explain to me what is with this persistent delusion of naturalistic freaks that believe that “BigPharma” drugs have nothing to do with natural remedies, plants, herbs, etc.??

  • almost all scientists are shills for the BigPharma, and science is merely a venue for big corporations to advertise their products. Especially vaccines, as we learn in “The Lancet retraction of vaccine autism paper condemned as Big Pharma conspiracy to discredit Dr. Wakefield“:

    To ensure the profitability of that future, Big Pharma needed to destroy Dr. Wakefield’s credibility. So they paraded a long list of pro-vaccine doctors and drug pushers in front of the media to accomplish […] the obliteration of their credibility in order to suppress the truth.

    Referring of course to the famous case of Dr. Wakefield, who in 1998 published a paper in Lancet curiously linking autism to vaccination. A study that was based on flawed (or manipulated?) data, undisclosed huge conflicts of interest, and has been impossible to replicate in dozens of studies that followed. And yes, it is the same guy who had his medical license revoked by the General Medical Council because he had “repeatedly breached fundamental principles of research medicine.” Of course, over the last decade, it has been conclusively shown that there is absolutely no link of vaccines and autism -but that is no problem for the all-knowing Mike Ranger, or Health Adams, or something…

  • all evidence and truth about the magnificence and magical properties of natural foods and supplements are suppresed because they will make people healthy (which is obviously bad because then BigPharma could not make money and the government could not control people -or something…). From a grand-titled “Setting the people up to die: A conspiracy of silence about swine flu natural remedies“:

    [The Government] They know about vitamin D [being the best protection against influenza] but they are intentionally withholding information from the American people. In essence, they want to keep the American people nutritionally illiterate so that they remain “victims” in the coming influenza crisis. Because of who’s involved in this (the White House, FDA, CDC, WHO and many others), it cannot be called anything other than a conspiracy of silence about influenza and vitamin D.

    Talk about conspiracy theories eh?

And other such incredulous theorizing…

The articles he writes critisizing everything from drugs, to skeptics (!), to science (!), are so ludicrous, that it is impossible for anyone with half brain to take them seriously! The use of absolute language is particularly amusing:

Skeptics believe that you can take unlimited pharmaceuticals, be injected with an unlimited number of vaccines, expose yourself to unlimited medical imaging radiation, consume an unlimited quantity of chemicals in processed foods and expose yourself to an unlimited quantity of environmental chemical toxins with absolutely no health effects whatsoever!

Of course he has somewhere lost the meaning of the term “skeptic” but reality rarely matters in Mike’s little fantasy world…

As you can imagine, his site, is an amazing source of blogging material, but mostly, a great source of amusement! The only thing that frightnes me is that a lot of people take him seriously…

Okay, okay, one last quote form Mike’s unending repertoire, before closing with a promise to revisit NaturalBullshit very soon and bring you the latest in entertainment:

[…] my yard is an aloe farm, and each day before I make my superfood breakfast smoothie, I walk out to my yard, slice off an aloe vera leaf, thank the plant for granting me its healing medicine, then I fillet the leaf and drop the aloe vera gel into my blender. A few minutes later, I’m enjoying the most impressive medicinal herb that nature has ever created.