Yet more evidence against the vaccine-autism link

This is getting a bit repetitive but further evidence on the complete absence of any link between the MMR vaccine and autism have been presented in a Polish study lead by Dr. Dorota Mrozek-Budzyn[1].

From the National Institute of Health report:

Overall, the study found, children who had received the MMR vaccine actually had a lower risk of autism than their unvaccinated peers. Nor was there any evidence of an increased autism risk with the measles-only vaccine

Further down, and it’s always good to remember these things:

Measles, for instance, can lead to pneumonia or brain inflammation, and one or two children die out of every 1,000 who contract the virus, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Mumps can cause painful testicular swelling, brain inflammation and, in rare cases, hearing loss

I wonder if the anti-vaccination lunatics are willing to accept defeat or if they will keep pushing their ridiculous agenda still. Of course, the most probable reaction is to keep moving the goalposts: “it’s not the MMR vaccine, it’s the thimerosal in it”; “no wait, it’s not the thimerosal, it’s *some other* of the chemicals in the vaccines”; “no no, it’s the heavy schedule of vaccines that causes it, not a single MMR vaccine” and so on ad infinitum…

  1. Mrożek-Budzyn D, Kiełtyka A, Majewska R, “Lack of Association Between Measles-Mumps-Rubella Vaccination and Autism in Children: A Case-Control Study,” Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal, Dec 2009 []