Photos from Tokyo

I only managed to take photos from my night excursions in Tokyo last week -mornings were busy. So here’s a few photos from my trip (see more here)


A glimpse of a huge supermarket in Musashi-kosugi. This one was open 24 hours a day -very useful if you are jet lagged and wake up in the middle of the night feeling hungry!


A small back alley in the very dark hours. Still reasonably lit and colourful though!


While this looks more “Western”, the whole meal and experience was anything but. For starters, we had to cook the food we ordered ourselves!


An interesting Japanese restaurant trying to adhere to a 60’s Japanese theme as I learned from my colleagues.


Shinagawa, one of the busiest and biggest stations in Tokyo. At this time of the day though, it is relatively peaceful as you can see :-)

Hope you enjoyed! You can see more photos at the galleries section here.