Recommended BMW services

What with the low life form that decided to break my mirror, and with some all-around fixes, I had to get my BMW twice to a garage in the last 10 days. I also had to buy some parts online, since garages (and especially BMW dealers) seem to overcharge them. So after quite some research I have two recommendations to make.

For parts, I ended up at Simon, the guy that was responsible for my order on the day (maybe he is more than this but I cannot know) was a very helpful guy. After I place my order and paid, he got in touch within 10 minutes to ask me for my chassis number to confirm that I had bought the correct parts! And that was positively surprising. Delivery? Next day morning!

Regarding servicing, BMW dealers are super-expensive, so an independent that specializes at BMWs seemed the best choice. Lots of research and a number of only positive comments later, I went to Birds Auto. Fast service (both times I got my car back same day), lots of explanations on every single item, and very good communication. Highly recommended.

[is this still on? Can I get the free stuff you promised me now? And that free tyre check? Thanks]