What’s the point?

Back to reality*). Back to London starting my post-summer rehabilitation. Was happy to find Rosalea still alive :-) and my car intact at the back of my house. But…

Yesterday morning as I was about to jump in and enjoy a drive around North London, I discovered to my dismay, that one of the lower forms of life in this world, has decided to break my wing mirror… No doubt it was deliberate vandalism as it was the mirror on the pavement side, no other marks in the car, and it’s completely broken hanging out from the electrics chord. And no reason of course. He just probably didn’t like it.

As a neighbour of mine said: I can understand (albeit with some difficulty) people stealing cars to have a fun ride or for financial reasons, but this?!? What’s the point?

  1. * (since last Monday but the pile of things to do was quite high for me to blog about anything! []