Interpreting the facts the Creationist way…
Well worth to listen to this podcast and then follow the discussion at Panda’s Thumb. It’s a debate between Michael Schermer (editor of the Skeptic magazine) and Eric Hovind (err, young earth creationist and son of Kent Hovind, the bastion of rationality and honesty). Particularly funny conclusions can be drawn from this debate…

If you are worried you might burn some brain neurons from listening to a Hovind family member, I have two things to tell you: first, you are of course right :-) and second, just move on and read my summary of Hovind’s opinions…

[original audio source]

Well there you have it: how the creationist mind works (or, more accurately, how it doesn’t work). Apparently, all different dating mechanisms are wrong, the thousands of scientists using them to promote our understanding of the world are all wrong, while at the same time the only true source of scientific “facts” is the Bible… And the Bible dictates that the Earth (and the Universe) is only a few thousand years old.

The Bible is the only dependable source of scientific directions and needs not to be proven correct, but instead opponents have to prove it wrong (all the while tackling the thousands of different interpretations that can be adopted based on what the creationists want to show…)

Also, there are no transitional fossils. There are only fossils of animals that looked a little bit like another more modern animal, and a little bit like another more ancient animal. Oh, and that are now extinct. But they are not transitional fossils in any way.

Dinosaurs? Lived together with humans, a few thousand years back. They were called “dragons” before the term “dinosaurs” was coined. And they went extinct because of dragon slayers. You know, like Dennis Quaid in Dragonheart

Forget about genetics. These are only “interpretations” of the biased Darwinists that blindly follow their irrational presumption that there is no God. When it is plainly obvious that God needs no proving at all -it is the default position that opponents must prove wrong somehow…

And there are millions of “holes” in the Theory of Evolution -oh wait, excuse me, I meant the Hypothesis of Evolution, because according to Eric, it hasn’t stood the test of time! No sir, 2 centuries of piling data from a wide range of non-overlapping scientific fields, all converging to the same conclusions, all confirming the various predictions made by evolutionary theo… err… hypothesis, is not enough evidence when compared to… the Mighty Bible! The scientists are all biased and dogmatic. Eric Hovind and the young earth creationists are not -they just follow the facts… as laid out by their Bible. F*ck! My irony meter has exploded. Again.

All the sarcasm aside, I can somehow justify Eric Hovind for his distorted worldview. I guess growing up with papa-Kent must be really brain damaging…
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1. sciencebitches
And they went extinct because of dragon slayers. You know, like Dennis Quaid in Dragonheart…

Hahaha! That was sublime stavros!
It would have been a more interesting debate if the creationist hadn’t been trying to sell his product every 5 minutes.
Gray Area: hehe probably true, although if he had more time to distort science we might have burned more neurons!
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