Trick or Treatment: Simon Singh to talk tonight at Goldsmiths

Simon Singh is to give a talk tonight at 6pm at Goldsmiths, University of London, entitled: “Trick or Treatment? Alternative Medicine (and the Media) on Trial“. From the abstract of the talk:

As well as discussing alternative medicine, the subject of his most recent book, Singh will also explain how it was partly inspired by a controversial TV documentary on the subject of acupuncture. TV producers have to entertain, inform and grab large audiences in an increasingly competitive media market, but how do they balance accuracy with the temptation to sensationalise? Simon Singh looks at science in the media and gives his opinion on where things went right, and where they went horribly wrong.

Since this event is promoted by “The Skeptic“, I expect some sort of useful discussion to follow the talk, as opposed to the last debate on alternative medicine, which was yet another collection of logical fallacies and wishful thinking by the CAM followers that flooded the venue…

For more details and directions, see the event page. See you there at 6pm 😉