Good news: Homeopathy degrees closing down

As I have learned from Prof. Colquhoun, there is currently not a single homeopathy degree left in English Universities! The last one standing was offered by the University of Westminster at their (ridiculous) School of Integrated Health -which tries to integrate proper, tested medicine, with alternative unproven treatments. But that one has just been halted too!

Obviously this is good news for science education in this country. It is also good news for the apparent prevalence of common sense! Alas, this is not the case I am afraid: the underlying reason for Westminster halting the homeopathy course, was not founded on a critical reconsideration of the course, but rather it was a financial decision (as was, no doubt, the original decision to start the School of Integrated Health):

They say that they have done so because of “poor recruitment”. It was a purely financial decision. Nothing to do with embarrasment. Gratifying though it is that recruits for the course are vanishing, that statement is actually pretty appalling It says that the University of Westminster doesn’t care whether it’s nonsense, but only about whether it makes money.

One can only feel sad thinking that decisions affecting the educational standards of millions of people are not based on reality and science, but are only made on the basis of the potential income…

Westminster, however, still easily gets top spot in the quackery league, as Prof. Colquhoun has some rather funny (and hopefully embarrassing to some) information on the contents of some of their other alt-med courses:

Here are a few slides from a lecture on how good spider venom is for you. It is from Course 3CTH502 Homeopathic Materia Medica II. No need to worry though, because they are talking about homeopathic spider venom, so there is nothing but sugar in the pills. The involvement of spiders is pure imagination. No more than mystical gobbledygook.

You’ve GOT to have a look at the slides at DC’s blog! It makes you wonder…