After about a year and a half, I finally decided to upgrade my Wordpress and also give the blog a needed make up. Nothing much, some visual improvements here and there, but I do hope it looks better than before!

I am currently messing around with the categories and tags of Wordpress 2.7 so you might experience posts changing categories and tags appearing out of nowhere for the next couple of days!

I also migrated my feed account from Feedburner to Google (which owns Feedburner anyway) and in the process I seem to have lost about a dozen subscribers! I have no idea what happened (although Google warned me of potential side-effects) and it might fix itself shortly. However, if you are not receiving RSS or email notifications when you should, just re-subscribe to be on the safe side.

As always, if you spot anything unusual or any bugs, please let me know in any way you can.
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Looks clean and tidy to me

I like the bar above :-)
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