Nuclear workers and their radiation exposure

h, yes, the very accurate [/sarcasm] and always interesting “What Doctors Won’t Tell You” (WDDTY) web site, that well of misinformation, misunderstanding, and misrepresentation of pretty much everything related to science, has once again done it! They declare: “Cancer: Nuclear workers exposed to same radiation levels as Hiroshima”. And as the mighty Le Canard Noir (from Quackometer) proceeds to dissection, he concludes that

it is so wrong that it could not be wronger if it tried. Everything about it is nonsense. It is so short, yet chocka with misinformation.

And he is of course right. Here is the full WDDTY article:

Cancer: Nuclear workers exposed to same radiation levels as Hiroshima

More proof – if any were needed – that radiation can cause cancer comes from a new UK government report that workers in the nuclear industry are more likely to develop the disease than those in other industries.

The cancer rate among workers regularly exposed to ionising radiation is similar to that of the survivors of the Hiroshima and Negasaki A-bomb attacks in 1945, say researchers.

The workers are more likely to develop cancers such as leukaemia, the UK’s Health Protection Agency (HPA) has reported in a new study. The HPA has, since 1976, been tracking the health of around 175,000 workers exposed to radiation in workplaces around the UK.

(Source: British Journal of Cancer, 2009; 100: 206-12).

It is indeed difficult to incorporate such hyperdense nonsense in such little space! They have misunderstood (or misrepresented, take your pick; whichever it is it just shows you that these people are just not suitable to discuss anything related to science and health) pretty much everything the journal article [1] said! (once again, the full text of the article is available online if you have an appropriate Athens account).

But no more delays! Go on, read the quackometer’s article, and try to figure out what kind of drugs the WDDTY people are on…

  1. C R Muirhead, J A O’Hagan, R G E Haylock, M A Phillipson, T Willcock, G L C Berridge, W Zhang, “Mortality and cancer incidence following occupational radiation exposure: third analysis of the National Registry for Radiation Workers,” British Journal of Cancer, vol. 100, pp. 206-212 []