I need your help!

Today I need the help of my loyal readers (all three of them, and yes, I am not referring to you disloyal ones who have the nerve to go and read other blogs than mine!). I only need two very simple things from you and I might find something in return for you as well :-)

I just need you to tell me how long does it take for the home page of this blog to load *completely*. It doesn’t have to be an exact number of course, it can simply be qualitative info: slow, average, fast, instantaneously (dude, delete your cache!). But please also make sure you mention your connection speed!

That’s all I need. But while we’re at it, I would also love to hear what you like or don’t like about the blog, and any comments or suggestions on how to improve it! Anything at all: design, structure, navigation, usability, contents etc. As you already know, I expect at least three responses so anything more than that would be great and hugely appreciated!

Finally, since I am approaching the magic number of 50 subscribers, whoever is the lucky 50 (either by e-mail or RSS) might get a nice surprise (not yet sure what, but we’ll see…). If you don’t subscribe by email but prefer RSS, then as soon as you subscribe post a comment here so that I can associate your subscription with your name using the timestamp and figure out if you’re the lucky 50!

Start the clocks; NOW!