I need your help!
Today I need the help of my loyal readers (all three of them, and yes, I am not referring to you disloyal ones who have the nerve to go and read other blogs than mine!). I only need two very simple things from you and I might find something in return for you as well :-)

I just need you to tell me how long does it take for the home page of this blog to load *completely*. It doesn’t have to be an exact number of course, it can simply be qualitative info: slow, average, fast, instantaneously (dude, delete your cache!). But please also make sure you mention your connection speed!

That’s all I need. But while we’re at it, I would also love to hear what you like or don’t like about the blog, and any comments or suggestions on how to improve it! Anything at all: design, structure, navigation, usability, contents etc. As you already know, I expect at least three responses so anything more than that would be great and hugely appreciated!

Finally, since I am approaching the magic number of 50 subscribers, whoever is the lucky 50 (either by e-mail or RSS) might get a nice surprise (not yet sure what, but we’ll see…). If you don’t subscribe by email but prefer RSS, then as soon as you subscribe post a comment here so that I can associate your subscription with your name using the timestamp and figure out if you’re the lucky 50!

Start the clocks; NOW!
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Here you go mate!
Loading on a “up to 8Mb/s (usually a solid 6Mb/s)” the loading is not “instantaneous”, but close! It takes a bit longer for the top pic to load, but that’s about it.
About the like/don’t like: of course we like the topics; interesting, fresh, inquisitive… and there’s not much not to like, perhaps (being a rss subscriber) I would prefer to have the whole story sent by rss (just the text, no pics) and not just the short intro version… but that’s just me! ;-)
Keep up the good work mate!
Loads up reasonably well (couple seconds) on my 2Mbps line.

Contents great! Design cool.

I am also via RSS and Alex’ idea is good although it doesn’t bother me to click over :-)

Hi Stavros. I have been wandering around your blog for some time now but I though I should just subscribe as well :-)

I like the contents and it loads very fast on my 8mbps.
hey mate
loads really fast considering my 2Mbps(damn Greek internet connections)
love both the design and the content
after all u know i’m a big fun of yours

It took only a blink to load on my (officially) 20Mbps line ;)
Hi Stavros!With my internet connection (1Mbps) it took exactly 5 seconds to load.
Hope i see you soon…
Thanks to all who have replied so far! I have already got double numbers than I expected :-)

Also, Diah: I envy you…

and Vicky: thanks, great to know that!

Hope to see you all online soon!
Size:61.66 KB
Load Time: 0.85 seconds
Average speed per KB: 0.01 seconds
Total time fully loading page inc all images, scripts, style sheets: 3.6s

Design architecture: no suggestions user friendly easy to navigate
Concept: well structured, useful up to date information presented
Future recommendation: by increasing +50 subscribers possibility to open discussion forum

Keep up with good job Stavros!
9. Antonios Gouglidis
Well, your homepage loads at approximately 7 seconds on my PC.
Now my specs are:
ADSL: 2Mbps/256Kbps through DIODOS (Greece).
Test 1:
Browser: Iceweasel 3.0.4 with http pipelining enabled (4 max requests), running on the latest Debian Lenny.
Result: 6 seconds
Test 2:
The same results came out when I used my M$ Win XP PRO SP3 PC, with Firefox 3.0.4.
Result: 7 seconds
Test 3:
Last but not least, the strange thing is that IE7 takes about 14 seconds to load the whole same thing!!!

Everything else is just great.
Keep up the good work.
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