This Christmas put a blazing cross in your frontyard!

This just goes to show the free flowing stupidity within religious organizations such as the American Family Association (AFA). Their decoration ideas for Christmas include a large Christmas Cross with 210 lights attached to it, that looks like this:

Light Christmas Cross

which in turn looks awfully similar to something like this:

Burning Cross

which makes you wonder if those guys at the AFA have over-grilled peanuts instead of brains…

Of course I have to admit that I blatantly and shamelessly stole this post from Sandwalk :-) but I though it was too stupid not to share it myself here!

But then Sandwalk got it from the Canadian Cynic.

Who “stole” it from Balloon Juice

Who in turn found out about this via the America Blog

Where they admit “borrowing” the idea from the Box Turtle

Who finally gives the hat tip to a reader: Gabriel. No links here so no one knows where Gabriel saw this first…

Ain’t blogging funny?