Damn those immoral Darwinists!

Damn them I say! They are exerting their influence in all directions in an effort to belittle our good religion and promote their immoral, Nazi-friendly, totally improbable, Darwinian views!

This time, a shameless promotion of the Darwin “brand” in the Medicine Man exhibition at the Wellcome Collection -yeah, like Darwin has anything to do with medicine! Witness the proof with your own eyes:

Darwin's Stick

See the skull at the top of the stick? This conclusively proves that *all* atheists are death-loving criminals, and nihilistic pigs that try to spread their disease to the rest of us God-loving people.

Also, did anyone see anything in that exhibition relating to our Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior? Did you get that? The Saviour. Jesus did cure and save people with his miracles, and yet not even a single mention in an exhibition about medicine. Here you may object and say: “hey, the exhibition was about medicine in the 19th century and Jesus was not alive then.” But this objection does not hold water: Jesus has always been curing people with his second form (the Holy Spirit) by answering to Christian prayers.

I am sure this Wellcome guy was a baby-killer atheist, with nothing better to do than promote Darwin’s heretic worldviews (and kill babies of course). Wellcome was probably Darwin’s little pet back then, or even more probable his homosexual lover! I know this kind of people very well…