Dana Ullman strikes again!

If you remember some time ago I posted here my response to Dana Ullman’s comments on an article about how homeopathy supposedly works. That particular article was simply a case of very concentrated nonsense of the style: “Quantum Mechanics is responsible for the homeopathic effect” and other related woo woo.

My interest in that article (apart from the amazing distortion of science of course) was prominent homeopath Dana Ullman’s comments. Dana came on to defend homeopathy citing 6 studies that supposedly supported homeopathy! Guess what? None of the studies did so. And I mentioned this fact to him. And of course he never replied. Running away when being confronted is pretty much what every woo-meister does.

And what is Dana doing now? He is posting *exactly* the same references (this time without Linde’s 1997 highly criticised analysis -well done Dana! Progress!) in support of homeopathy!!! He never responds to criticism! He probably never reads criticising comments! In fact, I don’t he ever actually reads the papers!

This time it was in an article about how conventional scientific methods (such as the Randomized Controlled Trials) are not suitable for evaluating homeopathy! How convenient! Well then, just come up with another, *better* scientific methodology to test it! What the hell have you been doing for 200 years now? Oh yes: nothing…

I have a feeling that Dana just goes around posting the same text over and over again whenever an article about homeopathy pops up! Like a spam robot so to say! Dana, please: read the papers! Evaluate them! Think critically! Ooops, sorry about the last one: if you do that then there is no reason to keep promoting homeopathy, which means you are out of business… Sorry, forgot :-)