Antivaccinationists: Unfortunately they’ve won a battle…

A battle, hopefully not the whole war. And of course it is a battle of misinformation and propaganda not one of science and evidence!

As the Independent reported (“Official warning: Measles ‘endemic’ in Britain”):

The Health Protection Agency (HPA) warned that the number of unvaccinated children was now large enough to sustain the “continuous spread” of the potentially lethal virus in the community. It blamed a failure by parents over the past 10 years to give their children the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine.

So the criminally ignorant and stupid (or misled) anti-vaccination campaigners have managed to bring back a totally vaccine-preventable disease. Well done! (Of course such signs were evident for some time now but they went on)


On the left you can see what measles looks like. But thanks to vaccination programs such images are rarely seen! That is until recently of course… So next time you see such spots on your child, blame the propagandists/scaremongers, and, of course, yourself for not thinking clearly and allowing them to mislead you.

For crying out loud just see the facts, the evidence, the science before taking decisions over the health of people! Please visit MMR The Facts, Institute for Vaccine Safety, and the World Health Organization for dozens of scientific papers, epidemiological studies and clinical trials that verify the efficacy and safety of vaccines!