The stupid, it burns: Quantum energies and the mathematics of crop circles

Remember Lynne McTaggart? She is a New Age woo meister that also hosted an absurd article by Harald Gaier spewing out tremendous amounts of nonsense about how Quantum Mechanics render causality at large obsolete! Well, it seems that Lynne is becoming a favorite in this blog…

Crop Circle

Following the appearance of yet another crop circle in South England (Wiltshire) Lynne went on to give her own thoughts on the subject. Let’s see what she had to say.

Scientists and mathematicians were stunned the other day when a new crop circle appeared in a barley field in Wiltshire.

Err, I do not think any credible scientist is stunned by crop circles any more. E.T. enthusiasts maybe… In any case, let’s see why they were stunned.

When mathematicians analyzed it, they realized that the concentric shapes represented […] the first 10 digits of pi (3.141592654, for all of you who don’t remember high school or GCSE math)

Whooooooa! Imagine! They managed to associate Pi with –gasp– a crop CIRCLE!

This is definitely a sign that aliens from outer space came down here and drew this crop circle to show us how advanced they are in sciences and mathematics: they just wanted to teach us the concept of Pi. I mean, it’s not like humans do not know what Pi is, right? Imagine being an alien, travelling for years and years towards a lousy small planet, going undetected, only to draw a crop circle… That’s a bad scenario even for a lousy SciFi movie…

And as it has been pointed out elsewhere very cleverly, these aliens also use a base 10 mathematical system and the full stop as the decimal point… :-)

My two cents here: as is always the case, if you are looking hard enough for something, you are going to find it at some point. Like those people looking for hidden patterns or encoded sentences in the Bible for example, by taking every Nth letter (where N changes until finally something that makes sense appears!) and then they interpret it freely to get the required meaning…

Lynne then provides the opinions of leading experts as to the nature and properties of this crop circle. Check this out.

Colin Andrews, an electrical engineer and the world’s leading authority on crop circles, argues that crop circles result from the earth’s electromagnetic energy

WTF?!? An authority on crop circles? I guess it is only a matter of time before English Universities introduce a BSc on Crop Circles… Other than that, Colin, as an expert, concluded that the crop circles just appeared there on their own… M-kay Colin. While relatively simple Crop Circles can in fact be created naturally (by means of -indeed- EM field pulses, microwaves from lightnings, etc) patterns such as the one in Wiltshire are highly improbable to have been created naturally.

Lynne moves on…

And a Boston team of investigators says that it is some unknown ‘quantum energy’, after finding anomalous changes in the soil – consistent with increases of temperatures of 600-800 degrees — even though the plants themselves, which are would be incinerated at such a heat, are left untouched

Of course! It is Quantum Energy! Anything credulous that must be assigned some fake scientific credibility is described as Quantum Something. Damn, Quantum Mechanics is already responsible for: telepathy, telekinesis, psychics, homeopathy, faith-healing, reality manipulation, etc. etc. etc.

Other than that, the geniuses at Boston found that the soil has been disturbed somehow. Well, hello? Anyone there? You kind-of *have* to disturb the soil if you are making a f***ing crop circle!

But Lynne saves the best for the Grand Finale! A huge concentration of woo nonsense!

A message from mother earth?

The fact that the latest crop circle design shows one of the fundamental ratios in nature suggests that crop circles are a physical and numerical representation of some natural order of which we are a part. We respond to crop circles, like nature or music, because they remind us that we are all connected [emphasis here mine]. All of heaven is contained in this simple design – to remind us, in these dark times, of who we are.

Yes, the typical New Age crap of “we are all one, we are all connected, we are all entangled.” I think I just burned a few neurons in my brain from reading that…