National Geographic videos: Are vampires real?
National Geographic hosts an array of really interesting short videos, ranging from Science and Technology (my favorite of course ;-)) to Animals and History.
“I *am* a vampire.
I *do* consume human blood…”

It is well worth a visit and it’s a guarantee that everyone will find a topic of interest (well, at least everyone with a thirst for knowledge…)

Also interesting is another NG show, a proper “treatment” of dubious, paranormal, or psychic stories using reasoning, logic and science. The preview video (at least the one I saw at the time of my visit) shows a guy that claims to be a vampire that sucks blood out of “consenting” people. Apparently, there are people willing to volunteer for such blood sucking/feeding procedures :-)
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I never thought that a regular man would choose to be a consumer of the blood of humans. Are you not human? Afre you intouch with a different energy? I do not ask for answers as my youthful mind is already filled with many questions.
It is difficult to try and justify someone’s actions when they are so strange! And apparently there are many such vampires! It might be that they’re doing it as lifestyle choice just to cause reactions or just to impress. Who knows…
3. Melbourneshadow
I wish to find out the truth about vampire’s, and one day maybe even meet one if they are out there. If you know or have any info e-mail me.
4. Melbourneshadow
PS: I mean you no harm.
5. sciencebitches
Who is this?!? Anthony Hopkins, is that you?
6. Melbourneshadow
Who is Anthony Hopkins?? And why would he be here.
7. sciencebitches
Don’t you watch movies? I though since you liked vampires you have probably seen Coppolla’s Dracula.
8. Melbourneshadow
I have seen alot of movies about vampire’s and then started to think that the best place to hide something, is right in frount of people.
9. sciencebitches
sorry, are you implying something about the existence of movie-like vampires?

Or do you just accept that mentally problematic or deluded people like the one in the video pose as vampires for unknown to us reasons?
10. Melbourneshadow
No, I think if there are vampire’s they are most likely nothing like in the movie’s. What I’m saying is. If you want to hide something from some one, the best place to put it is right out there where people can see. As for mentally problematic or deluded people, the world is full of people who are like that to us, but to then self’s and some other’s they are just the same. Sorry this post is so long, I could not think of another way of puting it.
11. Melbourneshadow
I think I’ve had a change of heart. I am no longer look for vampire info. I am now looking for a vampire. If I can find one I will have all the info I need. I do belive my e-mail address is already here but if not you can contact me on
I will not give up, I never do.
i think you are kool i believe in vampires im not scared of them i find it sexy
we are many but we are hidden. the world doesn’t look upon us too kindly. we are “abominations” and “monsters”. though most of us never take from anyone who doesn’t consent. we are harmless. the world is just blind and refuses to open its eyes
14. Melbourneshadow
I know that you mean Shadow, the world see’s me in the same light. I am not a vampire but we share some of the same curse’s. My eye’s can not handel UV light and if I stay in direct sunlight for any longer len a few minutes I pass out. That’s why I start’d looking for vampire’s.
so shadow is a vampire???
whats the name of the guy of the video??
i dont think is anthony hopkins,because anthony hopkins is an actor….
shadow how didi you become a vampire???
16. Melbourneshadow
Shadow I wish to talk with you, I am looking into vampire’s and have meet manny. I do not wish to be turnd and I know about the code I would just like info is there a way we can e-mail or talk?? As for the anthony hopkins thing, sciencebitches was saying that to me. I think she was trying to be funny, it did’t work.
yes, i’m a vampire. and to answer the question of how i “became” one… i was born this way. my mother was human and my father a vampire. Technically i’m a “half-breed”
no i am not like “Blade”
i am still vulnerable, but i do need to consume blood. if anyone wishes to know more leave your e-mail. i will contact you.
18. Melbourneshadow
Shadow I would like to know more my e-mail is
I hope to hear from you soon.
ok shadow,i’d love to talk to you…my mail is
thank you:)
ciao!!!! bye bye
whats the name of that guy in the video????
I’d like to talk to you as well shadow! Email me please :)
22. Melbourneshadow
I have yet to find a vampire. I’ve been looking now for some time. What do you all think??
yes melbourne me too i need to find one but its not that easy
i know one but he cant turn me
if you want his name is
lord desmond beckwith look for this name on google he has myspace and profiles on manyother sites…
hope this can help you
a presto
(im italian)
Shadows, please do me the favor of emailing me.
I am not a vampire… though I am not exactly human either.
Also, I need to know how to find out who the people in the video are, I believe I know the willing donor shown. The credits yeilded no valuable information.
My email is
hi everyone
the guy in the video is don henrie,he is a vampire.
pls destiny and shadow email me,im
a human and i want to be turned (serious reasons)
my email is :
if anyone can help me,pls email me.
26. Jennifer Canaan
i think his pretty cool!!!!
i to wish to meet a vanpier i sware some times i think there the only ones who would under stand me so plese contackt me at i would love to chat with you shadow
Hello again people it’ been some time since I’ve written on this,I ave yet to find vampire but I have had a few find me. I still do not want to be turned I just want to know all I can about them and there stories. My e-mail: Or you can find me on MSN under this e-mail. I look forward to hearing from any of you.
okay this is awesome. Im only 16 and Iv been told all the time vampires rnt real but I still dont know so Iv been trying to figure out the truth for a couple years now. Iv always had hope that they were real, so Im glad I found this site :D thank you!
I have yet to find a vampire. The people I’ve seen so far and all wantabe’s and I have no time for that. So I thought I would try a diffrent way. I have heard there are vampire’s out there looking for blood and well I have a body full of it drug free. If there are any out there who do not fear me there you can send me an e-mail at
Have a nice day.
I’ve always thought vampires were real because it didn’t make sense to me that someone just made up an vampire out of nowhere. I always thought someone had to have seen one to come up with it. Maybe it is true but I need to see it to believe it.
While I can’t speak for other vampires as i’m not a full-blood I can tell you that I personally hate the hollywood stereotype. We do not burst into flames in the sun, on the contrary, most of us have normal jobs just like you. And while we do consume blood, it doesn’t need to be on a daily basis (at least not for me). A lack of blood for too long, however will deteriorate my health and can eventually lead to death. (But this takes quite a while seeing as i haven’t had a donor in about 6 months) Do not be afraid of us. We are not the throat-ripping monsters hollywood paints us to be. Nor are we the whack-jobs society seems to think we are. We are real, we are here. Accept it, or reject it, it’s the truth.
well, I have been a mere listener for such a long time, but seeing how this discussion keeps coming back to life every now and then, I though I should just ask my questions:


you are actually saying that you are simply a human with the occasional thirst for blood. How is this explained biologically? Is this supposed to be some kind of mutation? And if you don’t drink blood how can you be sure that your weakness (and seemingly decline to death as you say) is not just a psychosomatic effect? Have you had yourself examined by a doctor?

And what’s with the teeth? It’s my understanding that this is a cosmetic after-market thingy? What’s the purpose? Or is it another mutation that just happens always with the blood-sucking mutation?
Hello…..I am seeking knowledge about vampires. Preferably from a vampire….I do not take kindly to roleplayers or fakes. ( sorry to sound so mean). This is vitally important. I do not mean any harm at all. my msn: or my yahoo: Please message me anytime……i will respond.

Thank you
shadows of you
swirling through my mind
beckoning me into the night
sweet memories
forever locked in my heart
I turn away from the light
i was just wanting to no if vampires are really real as i am really confused if someone can let me no that would be great my email is
I have not found any vampires, and I have been looking for so long. My SMN is
Paul, did Shadow ever contact you?? ( just curious)
as i take in al of the comments posted and listen to the out side world i dont think about how they coul choose to obtain human blood but as to why they would. some may do it to impress but others mat do because they simply cant help themseves on feedin on human blood i as a 13 year old child have an open mind about everything but i do not ask questions as my head was filed with many many questions to ask from the begining of this conquest
hello my name is valliten i saw your movie on was life like ……from valliten.
43. angel of darkness
i would like to meet a vampire can someone help me plz
44. angel of darkness
i just want to knw if vampires are real cause i dnt knw what to believe anymore with all these websites plzzz help me my email is tanx
i too am interested on being contacted from a real vampire. Please i ask that no “fakes” contact me for i am full of questions that i would appreciated are answered. Shadow, please contact me if you have time. my e-mail is
i came across this while looking for real vampire information. i’ve read all the comments on this page. so many of you are simply fasinated,lost,young and confused. there are real vampires. they tend to stay in the “shadows” simply because that is how it has been for a very long time. the movies are largely false and very much exagerated. blood is needed for the essence it contains. sunlight only weakens. don henri is a real vampire and an exsessive young one, too thirsty for his own good. i believe one other real vampire to be Lord Toph. i believe this because of research. i advise all to google him and look for yourselves. i must depart.
I checked Lord Toph…..if he is a vampire why is he apparently with a famous actress? wouldnt this be working against being hidden - and also how come he is so out there with regards to his music etc etc? kind of seems ridiculous for something thats meant to be secret….

my msn is if you want to talk
waaaaaiiittt a minute…. this is to Athena. you’re asking about this Lord Toph guy and asking if he’s a vampire, why is he apparently with a famous actress? but um… it just me, or am i watching a video that was on NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC with Don Henrie, a guy who was also on a reality t.v. show, in the eyes of America every night for a while, constantly reminding us that he’s a real vampire and that they do exist? now how hidden is that? hahaha now THAT seems ridiculous for something that’s meant to be secret. i hate when people are biased. ha i actually check Lord Toph out and he’s not half bad. i didn’t see anything of him sayin he’s a vampire, but i can see where one would think so. maybe he is. i know there’s real vampires out there. i’ve seen them, and i mean REAL ones. i’m convinced that these guys are real vampires
Hi jack

I am not biased at all actually. They both do seem really ridiculous to me - and that is not because I dont believe in Vampire (i do) its because they so blatantly put themselves out there. Why would they do that?? It looks like they want to capitalize on the vampire-hype. Btw, go google some of Lord Tophs songs, try reading between the lines as all his songs have a deeper meaning and then you will find the parts where he claims to be a vampire. And, yes there are real vampires out there, and I believe they have more intersting things to do than go on tv.
“Hi” how do u tell if ur a vampire? Because i’m having terubl teling and figyouring what i am will u help me? mail me at plz and thanx you. =]
If u drink blood it dasent meen ur a vampire are u? how do u figyour out if ur a hole vampire or not or plane how do u tell or not? is it alwase genetick? can ather vampires kill there own kined?
This is insane vampires do not exist, the internet makes it so easy to make up ur own alternate universe of I’m special!!!
I’ll take that back thy exist but they are only human nothing special they are just cannibals with a new name.
“they are only human nothing special”………and what, pray tell, are you?

People have the right to live their lives however they please - so long as they are not hurting anybody……dont judge people, especially when you know nothing about their beliefs.
55. Illuminata
i need to know if there are real vampires out in this world today!
shadow, i request a word with you please email me at
i wanted to know all about vampires…
i never thought it was something true??
shadow,, can i ask?? do vampires have an inborn talent or supernatural powers… you know, like edward cullen??
shadow, do you also have natural enemies?? you know like werewolves or anything???
does vampires have leaders or someone whos superior??
please e-mail me b/c i’d love to ask you a few questions or any other real vamoire out there please thank you
Really? Is Lord Toph a vampire or an artist that portrays the role? I am looking for someone that can give me advice on the lifestyle of a true vampire as I have a desire for human blood myself but can’t find anyone around me that will willingly donate it…I seek the advice of someone who really knows what I am talking about. If you can advise me my email is
Sincere Thanks,
Stavros and Charlie: No, we are not humans. stop calling us that. there are humans who want to be vampires and will claim it. however they do not have a physical NEED for blood. they only crave it either for the taste or because it’s “cool”
and Phelonie… blood is not something you “desire”. To a vampire its a much higher thing. To a vampire its a physical need… not something you can ignore.
to those of you who keep asking to be “turned”: first off, before we go any farther, NO i won’t do it. second, trust me, it’s not something you want. and even if it were, we have rules and you cant just go turning anyone. so if you get someone to do it, more power to you. but don’t be surprised if we’re all reluctant.
To those of you who have requested to speak with me specifically, I apologize, i get a lot of messages and I cannot respond to everyone. So, to those of you still waiting on a response, if I think you’re worth the time to talk to, expect a message within the week.
Hi Shadows, please add me on or i don’t want to be turned or anything like that….I’m just looking to learn

Thanks for your time
I am not even sure why I am posting something here, for all I know it is just a hoax :~} But I am interested in talking to a real vampire, if there really is one. I believe they are real and that they are out there, but, I am not sure if there are any real ones here that have actually posted. If you are a REAL vampire, and wouldn’t mind taking the time to talk to me, I would really appreciate it. My email is;, thank-you.

My life was not meant to be hazy. I came here for a purpose, a directness of higher learning. When I took my first breath my sight was gone. My hearing faded, my thoughts became fuzzy. I became an infant of the universe and infinitesimal baby of life. I try so hard to remember my reason for this chance encounter with the world. I choose this existence…but why? I go thru the day-to-day playground of childhood re-learning the basics, always knowing there is a driving force behind my heartbeat. I need to learn, to know…to grow. My purpose will become clearer, my driving desire stronger the harder I look. Images flicker in my projector like memory. I have done all this before. What am I to learn that I don’t already know in the essence of my soul? I remember my mother universe and my father world as great lights in the beginning. I remember mother earth and father nature when I walked this world before. What am I waiting for? I have the seeds for eternity in my soul and I am about to set them in the soil to grow along the path of enlightenment, my reason seems clear now. I am meant to make a memory of the universe for the people I touch with my being. I am not quite done with this world, but when I am it is time to release the binding strings of this life. It is time to choose another lesson on this planet, I will see you all again, for another purpose of higher learning.

Do you have friends that are “vampires” how many are out there?
I want to learn, off course like many, I am in denial.

Email me
65. Hangman ;p
hey shadow email me i have allot of questions please email me at
hi shadows. i’m not a vamp., although for many years i have had them in my dreams. in fact,in my dreams they are the norm, and everyone else is not.i have visited many sites, read so much about them over the years, seen tv shows, movies ect. and still i search for moreinformation, consider various opinions and views.the more i know, the more i want to know. like an empty vessel…anyway,just wanted to say i agree with you. so many young people asking to be changed…they are looking for something, yes? like an escape, romance, excitement…curious perhaps. will continue this comment…..
to continue: you are right. the physical need for blood can be a powerful thing, a personal and protected thing. not something to be shared lightly. i can understand your reasons for being selective. after reading all of these comments posted, i think that they want something now, and they think it will make them happy. solve all their problems, or satisify their curiosity, or whatever…but what about tomorrow? or the next day? someone asked how many vamps. are out there. if you knew, would you be frightened or comforted? speaking for myself, i would actually take comfort in knowing so many were around me. as i said before,they are the norm in all of my dreams. shadows, if you would like to contact me, it would be a pleasure to talk to you. my e-mail is:sea_shell_04 thank you.
I will now close comments for this post. Anyone still wishing to get in touch with some of the “vampires” that have commented here please do so through other means.

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